Joining my group

I am always looking for students with strong background to work on designing, building, and understanding networked systems.

Current openings

[PhD students]

[05/2021] Looking for PhD students to start in fall 2022 at the CSE department at CUHK.

[Research staff openings]

[05/2021] Looking for two post-docs or research associates to start as soon as possible. To apply, email me your CV and 1-2 sample publications.

  • Position 1: ML systems

    • PhD degree required (or graduating)

    • Strong research experience (evidence with 2 to 3 publications) in systems and networking venues

    • Familiar with ML frameworks (PyTorch, TF, Horovod). Strong background on OS, distributed systems and computer networking. Knowledge of GPU architecture and CUDA programming is also preferred

    • Capable of doing independent research, and writing research papers

    • This position is one year minimum.

  • Position 2: Federated learning

    • PhD degree required (or graduating)

    • Strong research experience (evidence with publications) in top ML and AI venues

    • Familiar with federated learning and deep learning. Familiar with common ML frameworks (PyTorch, TF, Horovod) and FL systems. Strong background on optimization and linear algebra

    • Capable of doing independent research, and writing research papers

    • This position is six months minimum

How to apply

Drop me an email with your CV, transcripts, and one representative paper if any. If you're in HK already, email me to set up a time so we can meet in person.

Note: I'm filtering all emails from, and due to the junk emails they send. Please use other emails to contact me.

PhD students

I take 1-2 PhD students each year starting in fall. If you are interested in working with me, and have outstanding undergrad GPA from CS, EE, or math background, feel free to email me before applying. Although I may not have time to reply, I do read all of them. It is important to choose me as your preferred advisor so that I can find your applications easier.

RA positions

RA positions have more specific requirements on the student's background. You must have a bachelor's degree before applying. It takes in general 2 months to get a HK work permit if you are not local. The minimum duration is 6 months, and can be extended depending on performance. RAs with strong performance will have a clear advantage towards applying to PhD program. RA positions are usually full-time. Students with a HK study permit or IANG permit can work as part-time RAs as well.

Undergraduate students

I encourage undergraduates to get involved in research early in the program. I would be happy to provide advice on how to go about doing that, including what opportunities are available in my group.

The best way to find me is to email me to setup a time, and stop by my office hours to introduce yourself.

Visiting students/scholars

I welcome visiting students/scholars to join my group and collaborate with us. Email me if you are interested.

Advice: Mentality, mentality, mentality!

Many students have the question: what should I do to prepare for the graduate study? Usually students want a list of papers or books to read; they consider this the most essential part of preparation. I must say that I disagree. I believe mentality (initiative, attitude, etc.) is much more important than any technical skills, and the same is true for all fields beyond sciences and engineering. With the right mentality, everything follows.

The following article contains an excellent summary of advice for students (and even profs) to prepare their mentality for grad school. I just wish everyone could read it so that he/she doesn't have to learn the hard way.

Jason Hong. PhDs from the Faculty's Perspective, Blog@CACM, 2012.