Current students:

PhD students:

  • Xiaorui Wu, 2016–, on machine learning systems

  • Hangyu Li, 2016–, on data analytics systems (co-supervised with Sarana Nutanong)

  • Libin Liu, 2016–, on NFV, data analytics systems

  • Zhixiong Niu, 2015–, on data center transport

  • Peng Wang, 2014–, on smart data plane


  • Chengxi Gao, 2017.9–, on data center transport

Research assistants:

  • Tao Wang, 2018.4–, on data center transport


  • Fangzhou Wang, RA, 2018.6–, on machine learning systems

  • Jiamin Li, RA, 2018.6–, on machine learning systems

  • Rui Qiu, RA, 2018.6–, on machine learning for networking


I have worked with these talented students/RA:

  • Han You, undergraduate RA, 2017. -> MSc. student, Yale University, USA.

  • Dr. Che Zhang, PhD, 2014–2018, on SDN. -> Researcher, The Institute of Future Network, Southern University of Science and Technology, China.

  • Pengfei Li, RA, 2017.5–2017.8.

  • Yongqiang Tian, undergraduate RA, 2016.1–2016.5. -> PhD student, HKUST, with the prestigious HKPFS.

  • Yan Xiao, RA, 2016.3–2016.8. -> PhD student, CityU Hong Kong.

  • Hongyuan Liu, RA, 2016.3–2016.7. -> PhD student in U.S.

  • Qiong Wu, RA, 2016.1–2016.7. -> PhD student, College of William and Mary, USA.

  • Xiaoshan Yu, RA, 2015.6–2015.11. -> Assistant Professor, Xidian University, China.

  • Jiaqi Zheng, RA, 2015.1–2015.6. -> Assistant Professor, Nanjing University, China.

  • Shuhao Liu, RA, 2013.12–2014.7. -> PhD student, University of Toronto, Canada.

Advice: Mentality, mentality, mentality!

Many students have the question: what should I do to prepare for the graduate study? Usually students want a list of papers or books to read; they consider this the most essential part of preparation. I must say that I disagree. I believe mentality (initiative, attitude, etc.) is much more important than any technical skills, and the same is true for all fields beyond sciences and engineering. With the right mentality, everything follows.

The following article contains an excellent summary of advice for students (and even profs) to prepare their mentality for grad school. I just wish everyone could read it so that he/she doesn't have to learn the hard way.

Jason Hong. PhDs from the Faculty's Perspective, Blog@CACM, 2012.

If you think you have the mentality …

I am looking for graduate students and research assistants with strong interests and motivation to work on designing, building, and understanding networked systems, such as data centers. Students with hands-on systems building abilities (CS) and/or mathematical background (EE, math) are highly encouraged. Drop me an email if you are interested in working with me at CityU.

CityU CS is ranked highly according to QS. You can find more about our PhD program here, and Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme here.

Interesting links

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