Current students:

PhD students:

  • Yitao Yang, 2023–, co-supervised with Prof. Baochun Li, on fault tolerance in ML systems, supported by Provost's Strategic Allocation of Centrally-Funded RPg Places

  • Wei Lin, 2023–, on learning to optimize

  • Shaofeng Wu, 2022–, on SmartNIC/DPU, supported by Provost's Strategic Allocation of Centrally-Funded RPg Places

  • Xin Tan, 2022–, on inference systems

  • Yu Zhang, 2022–, co-supervised with Prof. Bei Yu, on learning and optimization

  • Shaozuo Yu, 2022–, co-supervised with Prof. Jiaya Jia, on large language models

  • Wenlong Ding, 2021–, on ML for network management

  • Jingze Zhang, 2021–, on deep learning based network simulation, supported by Huawei Joint PhD Scholarship with CUHK

  • Qingyu Song, 2021–, on learning to optimize

  • Xufeng Yao, 2021–, co-supervised with Prof. Bei Yu, on ML

  • Xinyun Zhang, 2021–, co-supervised with Prof. Bei Yu, on ML

  • Yunmo Zhang, 2020–, on verification and bug detection in networked systems

  • Qiang Su, 2019–, on network transport

  • Jiamin Li, 2019–, on ML systems

  • Jingzong Li, 2019–, on video analytics systems

  • Kaiwei Mo, 2019–, on federated learning

  • Hongming Huang, 2018–, on storage systems

Research assistants:

  • Sisi Chen, 2023.9–, junior RA, on FL

  • Shibo Wang, 2023.8–, junior RA, on congestion control

  • Yicheng Feng, 2023.8–2023.11, junior RA, ML system simulation

Research students and staff based on areas/topics:

  • MLSys: Jiamin, Xin, Yitao,

  • Networking: Hongming, Qiang, Yunmo, Jingze, Wenlong, Shaofeng, Shibo,

  • Video systems: Jingzong,

  • DL and ML: Kaiwei, Qingyu, Wei, Sisi,


  • Changran Xu, 2023.5–2023.8, summer research student, on video analytics systems

  • Jianqiang Li, 2023.5–2023.8, summer research student, on ML-assisted network management

  • Chenyan Xu, 2023.5–2023.8, summer research student, on ML systems


I have worked with these talented students/RA:

  • Yik Hong Cai, 2022.09–2023.05, on video analytics systems

  • Yu Zhang, 2021.10–2022.08, on federated learning -> Ph.D. student at CUHK CSE

  • Chuanwen Wang, Ph.D. student, 2020.0–2022.04, on video analytics systems. Withdrawn due to personal reasons.

  • Dr. Xiaorui Wu, 2016–2020.9, on machine learning systems. -> Software engineer at Tencent.

  • Dr. Libin Liu, 2016–2020.2, on data analytics systems. -> Research scientist at Tencent.

  • Dr. Hangyu Li, 2016–2019.6, on data analytics systems. -> Research scientist at Tencent.

  • Fangzhou Wang, RA, 2018.6–2019.6, on machine learning systems. -> Ph.D. student at CUHK CSE.

  • Sivakumar Srinivas, RA, 2018.9–2019.6, on machine learning for networking

  • Tao Wang, RA, 2018.4–2019.6, on data center transport. -> Ph.D. student at NYU CS.

  • Dr. Peng Wang, 2014.9–2018.9; Post-doc, 2018.9–2019.3, on data center networking. -> Researcher, Future Network Theory Lab, Huawei, Hong Kong SAR, China.

  • Dr. Zhixiong Niu, 2015–2019.2, on data center transport. -> Associate Researcher 2, Networking Research Group, Microsoft Research Asia.

  • Dr. Chengxi Gao, post-doc, 2017.9–2018.8. -> Assistant Professor, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  • Rui Qiu, RA, 2018.6–2018.8, on machine learning for networking.

  • Han You, undergraduate RA, 2017. -> MSc. student, Yale University, USA. -> SDE, Microsoft Azure, Seattle, USA.

  • Dr. Che Zhang, PhD, 2014–2018, on SDN. -> Researcher, The Institute of Future Network, Southern University of Science and Technology, China.

  • Pengfei Li, RA, 2017.5–2017.8.

  • Yongqiang Tian, undergraduate RA, 2016.1–2016.5. -> PhD student, HKUST, with the prestigious HKPFS.

  • Yan Xiao, RA, 2016.3–2016.8. -> PhD student, CityU Hong Kong.

  • Hongyuan Liu, RA, 2016.3–2016.7. -> PhD student in U.S.

  • Qiong Wu, RA, 2016.1–2016.7. -> PhD student, College of William and Mary, USA.

  • Xiaoshan Yu, RA, 2015.6–2015.11. -> Assistant Professor, Xidian University, China.

  • Jiaqi Zheng, RA, 2015.1–2015.6. -> Assistant Professor, Nanjing University, China.

  • Shuhao Liu, RA, 2013.12–2014.7. -> PhD student, University of Toronto, Canada.

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