Hong Xu, Henry


Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, Hong Kong SAR, China

Office: Room 914, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building
Phone: +852 3943 8399
Email: hongxu [at] cuhk.edu.hk
Web: https://henryhxu.github.io

Research Interests

I work on systems and networking. I lead the NetX Lab. Welcome to visit us!

Our research is/was supported by funding from Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, Huawei, Microsoft Research Asia, Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc.

Current Projects

  • ML/DA systems: machine learning and data analytics are important, but system and deployment support of ML/DA is often the bottleneck to real-world use

  • Data center networking: what would the future data center network look like?

    • NetKernel, re-architecting network stack as part of the virtualized infrastructure

    • ML-empowered, how can learning help networking?

Recent Publications (full list)

Prospective Students and Current Openings

[04/2022] I am looking for PhD students starting in fall 2023. The early admissions exercise has begun and deadline is May 25, 2022. See here for more details.

[10/2021] I am looking for postdocs, research associates, and research assistants to start as soon as possible. See here for more details.


  • 02/2023. LRSDP accepted to DAC’23!

  • 02/2023. Serving on the PC of ICNP’23. Please submit.

  • 01/2023. Lyra accepted to EuroSys’23! See you at Rome!

  • 01/2023. Serving on the PC of IMC’23. Please submit.

  • 01/2023. Received a CRF grant on machine learning systems as a co-PI with a team from HKU and HKUST. Thanks RGC!

  • 12/2022. Serving on the PC of NSDI’24, and publicity co-chair of CoNEXT’23. Please submit.

  • 12/2022. GIFT on FL accepted to JSAC; Polly on cross-camera edge inference accepted to INFOCOM’23, see you at NYC!

  • 11/2022. Named an Excellent Editor of TNSE in 2022.

  • 10/2022. PipeDevice accepted to CoNEXT’22! See you at Rome!

  • 09/2022. Serving as the program co-chair of the AI for Distributed Systems and Distributed Systems for AI track for ICDCS’23 at Hong Kong. Please submit.

  • 08/2022. Thrilled to know that NAssim won the SIGCOMM’22 Best Paper Award!

  • 07/2022. Work on network verification, Pita, accepted to ICNP’22!

  • 05/2022. Serving on the PC of SoCC’22 and SOSR’22. Please submit.

  • 05/2022. DeepQueueNet and NAssim accepted to SIGCOMM’22!

  • 04/2022. Selected for the Provost’s Strategic Allocation of Centrally-Funded RPg Places for 2022-23 Admission!

  • 04/2022. My student Jingze Zhang was selected to receive full financial support from Huawei's Joint PhD Program with CUHK!

  • 04/2022. Serving on the PC of NeurIPS’22 and INFOCOM’23. Please submit.

  • 03/2022. Serving on the PC of CoNEXT’22. Please submit.

  • 03/2022. Our work on short video prefetching, Alfie, is accepted to ICME’22.

  • 02/2022. Recognized as a Distinguished TPC member of INFOCOM’22.