Hong Xu, Henry

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Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, Hong Kong SAR, China

Office: Room 914, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building
Tel: +852 3943 8399
Email: hongxu [at] cuhk.edu.hk
Web: https://henryhxu.github.io

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To prospective students: I'm filtering all emails from 163.com and qq.com
due to the junk emails they send. Please use other emails to contact me.

Research Interests

I work on systems and networking. I lead the NetX Lab. Welcome to visit us!

Our research is/was supported by funding from Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, Huawei, Microsoft Research Asia, Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc.

Current Projects

  • ML/DA systems: machine learning and data analytics are important, but system and deployment support of ML/DA is often the bottleneck to real-world use

  • Data center networking: what would the future data center network look like?

    • NetKernel, re-architecting network stack as part of the virtualized infrastructure

    • ML-empowered, how can learning help networking?

Recent Publications (full list)

Prospective Students and Current Openings

I am always looking for bright and self-motivated PhD students. See here for more details.

[5/2021] I am looking for two postdocs or research associates to start as soon as possible. See here for more details.

Top venues for networked systems

I maintain a list of top conferences/workshops for networked systems sorted by their usual deadlines.


  • 10/2021. Serving on the PC of ICDCS’22, Machine Learning on or for Distributed Systems Track. Please submit.

  • 09/2021. Serving on the PC of WWW’22, Systems and Infrastructure Track. Please submit.

  • 07/2021. Serving on the PC of ANCS’21. Please submit.

  • 04/2021. Serving on the PC of SoCC’21, INFOCOM’22, and as co-chair of Big Data and AI in Networking Track in MSN’21. Please submit.

  • 03/2021. APF is accepted to IEEE ICDCS’21. Our first work on federated learning!

  • 02/2021. Recognized as a Distinguished TPC member of INFOCOM’21.

  • 12/2020. Serving on the PC of APNet’21 and MobiHoc’21. Please submit.

  • 11/2020. Serving on the PC of ICDCS’21 (ML on/for Distributed Systems Track). Please submit.

  • 10/2020. Joined the CSE department at The Chinese University of Hong Kong as an associate professor!

  • 09/2020. Serving on the PC of ICLR’21 and WWW’21 (Systems and Infrastructure Track). Please submit!

  • 04/2020. NetKernel is accepted to USENIX ATC.

  • 04/2020. Stanza is accepted to TSC.

  • 11/2019. Serving on the PC of IJCAI’20 and APNet’20. Please submit!

  • 09/2019. Flash accepted to ACM CoNEXT’19 (acceptance rate 32/190).

  • 09/2019. Received The Distinguished Collaborator Award from Huawei Noah's Ark Lab.

  • 07/2019. Sentinel is accepted to ToN.

  • 06/2019. Our testbed and simulation code for Flash is open source here. The repo also has implementation of several other offchain routing protocols, and traces of two real offchain networks we collected.

  • 05/2019. A paper on node constrained TE is accepted to ToN.